Explore the Art of luxury living
at VIP Projects,
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Prestige Decoration & Bespoke Essentials

VIP Projects is Ninaber van Eyben’s professional branch.
VIP Projects provides high-end hotels, restaurants, airplanes and yachts all over the world with luxurious decor and exclusive tableware.
We give each establishment the personal dedication and enthusiasm it requires. Because we think that every project deserves both experienced hands and original ideas

A truly personalized experience


At VIP Projects, we have a deep understanding that each project is inherently unique. Therefore, we take great pleasure in offering personalized selections that perfectly align with our customers’ preferences at our showroom located in the Netherlands.

We would like to welcome you on an inspiring session to explore our extensive collection of over 30,000 bespoke samples.

We offer

Based in the Netherlands
Operating worldwide

  • Exclusive tableware
  • Luxurious accessories
  • Fine linen
  • Decorative art pieces
  • Delivery and installation services
  • International shipping and storage services
  • After sales services
  • Agent of well-known & unique european brands

Initial client meeting

Project research

Proposal & Quotation

Ordering process

Delivery & Installation



Available upon request


  • Ciel Blue, Amsterdam
  • Inter Scaldes, Kruiningen
  • Muscat Oman, Tuscany
  • My Humble House, Singapore
  • Le Bernardin, NY
  • The Modern, NY


Land | Ciel Bleu **, Amsterdam

Sea | MY Here Comes the Sun

Air | Dassault Falcon 900 C


Bastiaan Ninaber van Eyben

Allround sales representative & marketing

Gerrit Jan Ninaber van Eyben

Owner & sales representative

Puck Ninaber van Eyben

Office dog

Our store

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